This is Us!

Hello All,

I am Ria, happily settled in Dubai with my husband. I love writing and I love cooking - putting both these into action is how I started blogging.

This would by no means have been possible if Shibin did not encourage me and help me set this up.
Oh! by the way if you are wondering who Shibin is, he is the guy I am happily married to.

So Kitchen Spells was born as my blog but now it is our blog with a whole lot of shared responsibilities.  Let's list that down now - 

Idea Generation - two brains function together on this
Cooking - that is my panache - credits for stirring and chopping to him as well
Washing - that is his cup of tea
Tasting - hmm, I do it at various stages and he is the final judge
Food Styling - mostly him, with tidbits from my end.
Photography - his musing
Blog entry - me on his laptop on our sofa!

That is us and this is how our weekends mostly are! 

The blog was born when we moved to Dubai and I was still hunting for a job. Now, both of us work full time. He is an SAP Administrator and I am an HR by profession.

Both of us are Keralites by birth brought up outside Kerala. I have spent my childhood and teenage years in a small town called Brahmavar in Udupi district, Karnataka and he has spent the very same years in Al-Ain, UAE. We both spent roughly about a three fourths of a decade in Bangalore, got married while we were in Bangalore and moved to Dubai few months into our marriage. Our recipes infuse mainly the Southern coastal flavors of India and we try to experiment more on the paths of flavours we have not yet trodden.

Why I love cooking?

The simple pleasure of having people say something good about what I cook!
I found that in my husband - he eats anything that I make. I am more than blessed to have a foodie for my partner.

Why did we start this blog?

I was bored at home without a job and quite a few friends asked me to share my recipes so that they could make guinea pigs out of their husbands. Hence I decided to pen it down for my own self interests and to make a journal for myself and those who really need it. 

What this blog means to us?

It is fun, it is a big stress buster. We look forward to put up recipes here and it is our way of expressing happiness through food.

You may visit our blog to try out new recipes or even if you are taking baby steps into the cooking world because we have a collection of simple recipes too!

We do take an effort to introduce originality and the photographs are our efforts. Hence please refrain from copying and using it elsewhere or please give us due credit when you do so.

Thank you for visiting our blog and do continue if you love what you see here. You can contact us at and also follow us on facebook - Kitchen Spells or on instagram at ria_shibin.

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