November 28, 2017

Lovlolikka Wine ||Cooking with Family and Friends - #5||

Does the word Lovlolikka ring a bell? I am sure atleast a few malayalees have heard of those red cherries that grow abundantly in their backyard and that grand moms fondly fed you in pickles. Lovlolikka is mildly sour, tangy with a tinge of sweetness and may not be as popular for eating as is when compared to the pickles and jams that are dished out from these cherries.

I did a hunt for the English name of this cherry and google threw up names like Indian sour cherry and Indian coffee plum. To keep things simple let's call it cherry:) My mom in law has a lot of these cherries peeping into her backyard from the neighbor's garden. The neighbors have graciously offered her all the cherries that grow on the branches hovering in her yard and trust me they are a basketful. So that is how Lovlolikka wine came into being for us. She did not use yeast for fermentation but the wine came just as good with a lovely color.

Hardly a month for Christmas and if you start now, I bet your wine would be ready just in time for Santa!

So here is the 5th recipe in the series of Cooking with Family. This time again with mom-in-law.


  1. Lovlolikka/Indian sour cherry - 1 kg
  2. Sugar - 300 gms
  3. Cloves - 5 to 6
  4. Cinnamon stick - 2 pieces of 1 inch
  5. Water - as needed
  • Wash the berries in water to remove any dirt and pat dry them.
  • Dry a big glass jar and add the berries into the jar.
  • Add the sugar along with the cloves and cinnamon sticks.
  • Pour warm water till the level of the berries in the jar.
  • Using a wooden spatula give it a good stir. Cover and keep in a dark and dry place for a week.
  • Stir again on the 5th day and 10th day by when the berries would have grown softer. Crush the berries using the spatula in the process.
  • Leave it covered and untouched for next 10 days.
  • On the 21st day, using a sieve filter out the liquid from the pulp. Store the wine in glass bottles until ready to consume.
  • Hurry up, if you start now your wine will be ready by Christmas.
You may also note 
  1. Sweetness can be increased or decreased as you like.
  2. Most of the recipes call for addition of yeast but it works fine without it as well.
  3. You may try using other berries/ fruits in the same recipe.

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