August 23, 2017

Raspberry Lime Granita

I have always had a hateful relationship with the summers. I wished for summer vacation to fall during winters! As a kid I was prone to heat boils in summer that would irritate me day and night until my aunt found a solution through it through MEDIMIX soap - now, all Indians especially a malayalee will would relate to this brand of soap:) Moving to Bangalore, made summers a tad bit bearable. When my groom hunt was on, one thing I was very particular of was - No wedding in April and May. Weddings are supposed to be happy moments not disgusting and sweat drenched.
This is my third summer in Dubai and you can imagine the plight of a summer hating creature like me surviving in this part of the world. Coupled with humidity, the weather makes it impossible to step out even for a few fleeting moments. Even if you do all you can think of is getting back under the shower which is not much of a solace because you have hot water running in the taps. I look forward to the summers bidding good bye - the only happy aspect of summer is feasting away on cold guiltless pleasures - ice cream, milkshakes, lassi, anything and everything that comes cold.

Weather in this part of world is slightly getting bearable. Stepping out in evenings is not as daunting a task it used to be the last few months and I am looking forward to the cold season - hoping that it lasts long. Meanwhile sharing the recipe for Raspberry Lime Granita which was made about a month back. It was hard to get a perfect shot because the heat made it melt very quickly.  I had to refreeze it twice to finally a get a decent shot.

  1. Raspberry - 250 gms
  2. Water - 1 cup
  3. Sugar - 1/4 cup ( vary as per your level of sweetness)
  4. Lime Juice - 2 tbsp
  • Stir water along with sugar on medium heat until dissolved. Set aside to cool. Squeeze in the lime juice when cool.
  • Pulse the raspberry in a blender. Strain to remove any excess pulp/ solids.
  • Mix this with the sugar syrup until well combined.
  • Pour this into a baking tray or any other shallow dish such that syrup does not form a very thick layer.
  • Freeze for an hour. Then scrape it using a fork 3 to 4 times at intervals of  half an hour to help it form granules.
  • Freeze for another 2 to 3 hours before scooping it out into a glass and serving.

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