July 16, 2017

Caramelised Banana| Banana Ghee Roast|Ethekka Nei Roast


If you are a malayalee, then you must be quite familiar with the Kerala Banana which is an integral part of a malayalee household. Breakfast, lunch or even snacks, if you love them, you always have a way incorporate it into your food. Raw banana is thinly sliced and fried to make the popular Kerala banana chips( yes, the very same chips you ask your malayalee friend to get when they come back from their vacation). The ripe banana is good eaten as is or if you do not like the taste there are always ways to modify it. Crisp it up by battered deep frying it, make payasam for your sadya, halwa, kaipola, pullisery, unnakkaya and a healthier option of simply boiling it or jazz it up with a little butter and sugar. If you are looking for something quick with minimal ingredients, then this is the recipe for you - a frequent dish at our place be it breakfast or evening snacks.


Here you go -


  1. Banana - 2
  2. Ghee - 2 - 4 tbsp
  3. Sugar - 1 tbsp
  • Slice the bananas into three equal parts and slice them into three or four slices along the length.
  • Heat ghee in a pan and place these slices in the pan. Once the color of the banana turns a darker yellow and begins to brown slightly, flip them over and cook until done.
  • Transfer to a plate and sprinkle sugar. Serve warm with a cup of coffee.
You may also note - 
  • Use a properly ripened banana. Overripe bananas are not suitable to be used as it will not hold together and will be hard to flip over.
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