April 21, 2017

Quick Rava Laddu/ Semolina Laddu/ Rava Unda


Glass jar full of colorful sweets, cookies and biscuits are common in local grocery stores in India. Rava/Semolina laddu was a popular sweet that adorned one of these glass jar during my childhood days. I remember making this dish  several times at home with my mom and very often instead of rolling it up into balls we just leveled into a steel plate and cut it out as barfi. I always had a penchant for these laddus. It was recently that Famidha from My Life in Yanbu expressed her love for semolina and desire to even create a semolina recipes only blog! That is when I got all pumped up to make this laddu again. It is easy with minimal ingredients and done in under 15 minutes. 

So if you have guests popping in at short notice this is a recipe for you , after all semolina is an ingredient readily available in our household.


  1. Roasted Rava/Semolina - 1 cup
  2. Dessicated coconut -  1/2 cup
  3. Sweet condensed milk - 1/2 cup
  4. Warm milk - 3 tbsp
  5. Ghee - 2 tbsp
  6. Nuts/ raisins
  • Heat ghee in a deep bottomed pan. Add the rava and roast it for two minutes on low flame.
  • Add the dessicated coconut and stir for another minute.
  • Add the condensed milk, warm milk and mix this well. Turn off the flame.
  • Grease your hands with ghee and while the mixture is still warm scoop out spoonfuls and make balls of equal size.
  • Addition of nuts and raisins is purely your choice. In case, you want to add roast it along with the rava.
You may also note - 
  • Can be stored in airtight container up to a week.

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