December 20, 2016

Prawns Roast| Chemmeen Roast

Majority of my Christmas days were spent in Kerala. The routine was fixed for years as far as I can remember. Vacation for us began on the 23rd of December every year on wrapping up the annual day celebrations. Then catch the Malabar express from Mangalore (Soumya -my sister and I loved the train journey) to reach Mavelikara the 24th morning.

Christmas day began with a breakfast of appam and chicken stew! A plateful of plum cake adorned the table every meal.
Have you tried cake and stew combo?
Do I sound crazy?
My dad says so - you should probably try to believe it. A slice of cake and a spoonful of stew on it. That is the way I end my Christmas breakfast. Lunch would generally be Biriyani or rice with a lot of non veg items - chicken, beef , seafood, mutton,  name it and you have it. Dinner was more or less on the same lines. Christmas is not exactly Christmas without the lip smacking food!!

I have chosen one such recipe that could form a part of your Christmas menu this season - Prawns roast or Chemmeen roast. Cakes, muffins and cookies makes it Christmassy sure but it's only when you have the kind of food you are used to having for Christmas growing up does Christmas look complete. The photography of this dish is special too - It is for the first time that someone gave me a gift and told me -' it is not for you but for kitchenspells'. The dish has been laid out in a porcelain gifted by a dear friend Vivin. ( I know he is going to get back to me on this - cz prawns is definitely not his favorite item. We fight often so I guess that is not a big deal either:P)


For marination -

  1. Prawns - 1/2 kg (cleaned and de-veined)
  2. Red Chilly powder - 1 tsp
  3. Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
For the roast
  1. Shallots - 1 cup chopped
  2. Ginger Garlic paste - 1 tbsp
  3. Tomato - 1 medium chopped
  4. Curry Leaves - 2 sprigs
  5. Green Chilly - 2 slit
  6. Kashmiri chilly powder - 1 tsp
  7. Pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
  8. Coriander powder - 1 tsp
  9. Coconut Oil
  10. Salt

  • Clean and de-vein the prawns. Let the water drain.
  • Marinate the prawns in chilly powder and turmeric powder for about half an hour.
  • Heat coconut oil in a pan and add the chopped shallots. Saute for 2-3 minutes on medium flame before adding the ginger garlic paste.
  • Once this is cooked, add chilly powder, pepper powder and coriander powder. Combine and cook the masala well.
  • Add the tomatoes and cook it covered till the tomato melts in and oil starts leaving masala.
  • Add the marinated prawns along with the curry leaves and green chilly. Coat this well with the masala and let it cook.
  • Prawns cook fast and over cooking makes them rubbery. Cook them until done - this will take you a maximum of ten minutes.Keep it covered first half of the time and uncovered for second half. This helps the prawns attain the color of the masala as it gets coated well. Depending on how you want your masala to be you could uncover and let the masala run dry or else have it in semi gravy form.

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