April 13, 2015

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

My inspiration for blogging is a college friend of mine - Anupa. We first started blogging when we were done with our MBA and were awaiting campus placements. A while after we got job, Anupa moved to USA and restarted blogging. Well, this time it was all about cooking and I was quite impressed with her work. I guess I took the inspiration from her again and started posting recipes here.

Few days back, I was just going through her blog - palaharam.blogspot.in and I came across this recipe of lettuce wraps. I had quite a bit of lettuce in the fridge and the pictures of the wraps Anupa put in looked lovely. Well, I decided to have my own take of the recipe.

Let us take a look at what goes into the recipe -

Chicken Lettuce wrap

Fresh Lettuce - cleaned and dried
Chicken - 1/4 kg diced into small pieces
Onion - 1 big diced
Ginger - 1 teaspoon minced
Garlic - 1 teaspoon minced
Soya sauce
Tomato sauce
Roasted Peanuts - 3 tablespoons
Spring Onion - 1/4 cup Chopped
Coriander leaves


  1. Heat the oil in a frying pan and toss in the onions, ginger and garlic.Add a little salt to this. Fry it till they are tender and the raw smell vanishes.
  2. Now add the diced chicken pieces to this and stir it low flame till the pieces are almost cooked. Add 1 tbsp of tomato sauce and 1 tbsp of soya sauce to this and saute it. 
  3. Add the peanuts - make sure the peanuts are already roasted. Saute the mix for about 3-5 minutes on low flame.
  4. Add the chopped spring onion and 1 tsp sugar and saute it for about 2 minutes. Your filling is now ready.
  5. Cut the Lettuce into desired shape and serve the filling with this! Garnish with coriander leaf.
    Chicken Lettuce wraps

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